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Pure Rest-Usana Optimizer

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USANA® Pure Rest™

Give your body a boost of melatonin to help support your natural sleep-and-wake cycle.

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Adults take 1/2 to 2 dissolvable tablets, as needed, one hour before bedtime for relief of occasional sleeplessness.

Ideal For

  • Adults who need help supporting their normal sleep-and-wake cycle
  • Travelers
  • Anyone who needs to reset his or her sleep schedule

    The USANA Difference
    A good night’s sleep can help promote healthy immune function and support antioxidant defense. So get the sleep you need with USANA’s Pure Rest SF. This fast-acting supplement is both effective and non-habit forming as it uses melatonin to naturally regulate your sleep and wake cycles.

    Health Benefits

    • Contains melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone synthesized in the brain that regulates sleep and wake cycles
    • Sugar-free, dissolvable tablet designed to support better sleep with a tasty orange flavor
    • Contains no animal ingredients

    *No approved therapeutic claims